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 * This file is part of the Main Menu.
 * Copyright (c) 2006, 2007 Novell, Inc.
 * The Main Menu is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
 * under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
 * Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option)
 * any later version.
 * The Main Menu is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
 * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
 * FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for
 * more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
 * the Main Menu; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51
 * Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA

#include "system-tile.h"
#include "config.h"

#include <string.h>
#include <glib/gi18n-lib.h>
#include <gconf/gconf-client.h>

#include "bookmark-agent.h"
#include "slab-gnome-util.h"
#include "libslab-utils.h"

G_DEFINE_TYPE (SystemTile, system_tile, NAMEPLATE_TILE_TYPE)

static void system_tile_finalize (GObject *);
static void system_tile_style_set (GtkWidget *, GtkStyle *);

static void load_image (SystemTile *);
static GtkWidget *create_header (const gchar *);

static void open_trigger   (Tile *, TileEvent *, TileAction *);
static void remove_trigger (Tile *, TileEvent *, TileAction *);

static void update_user_list_menu_item (SystemTile *);
static void agent_notify_cb (GObject *, GParamSpec *, gpointer);

00046 typedef struct {
      GnomeDesktopItem *desktop_item;

      BookmarkAgent       *agent;
      BookmarkStoreStatus  agent_status;
      gulong               notify_signal_id;
      gchar    *image_id;
      gboolean  image_is_broken;
} SystemTilePrivate;


GtkWidget *
system_tile_new (const gchar *desktop_item_id, const gchar *title)
      SystemTile        *this;
      SystemTilePrivate *priv;

      gchar     *uri    = NULL;
      GtkWidget *header = NULL;

      GtkMenu *context_menu;

      TileAction  **actions;
      TileAction   *action;
      GtkWidget    *menu_item;
      GtkContainer *menu_ctnr;

      GnomeDesktopItem *desktop_item = NULL;
      gchar            *image_id     = NULL;
      gchar            *header_txt   = NULL;

      gchar *markup;

      AtkObject *accessible = NULL;

      desktop_item = libslab_gnome_desktop_item_new_from_unknown_id (desktop_item_id);

      if (desktop_item) {
            image_id = g_strdup (gnome_desktop_item_get_localestring (desktop_item, "Icon"));
            uri      = g_strdup (gnome_desktop_item_get_location (desktop_item));

            if (title)
                  header_txt = g_strdup (title);
                  header_txt = g_strdup (
                        gnome_desktop_item_get_localestring (desktop_item, "Name"));

      if (! uri)
            return NULL;

      header = create_header (header_txt);

      context_menu = GTK_MENU (gtk_menu_new ());

      this = g_object_new (
            "tile-uri",            uri,
            "context-menu",        context_menu,
            "nameplate-image",     gtk_image_new (),
            "nameplate-header",    header,
            "nameplate-subheader", NULL,
      priv = PRIVATE (this);

      priv->agent = bookmark_agent_get_instance (BOOKMARK_STORE_SYSTEM);
      g_object_get (G_OBJECT (priv->agent), BOOKMARK_AGENT_STORE_STATUS_PROP, & priv->agent_status, NULL);

      priv->notify_signal_id = g_signal_connect (
            G_OBJECT (priv->agent), "notify", G_CALLBACK (agent_notify_cb), this);

      actions = g_new0 (TileAction *, 2);

      TILE (this)->actions   = actions;
      TILE (this)->n_actions = 2;

      menu_ctnr = GTK_CONTAINER (TILE (this)->context_menu);

      markup = g_markup_printf_escaped (_("<b>Open %s</b>"), header_txt);
      action = tile_action_new (TILE (this), open_trigger, markup, TILE_ACTION_OPENS_NEW_WINDOW);
      actions [SYSTEM_TILE_ACTION_OPEN] = action;
      g_free (markup);

      menu_item = GTK_WIDGET (tile_action_get_menu_item (action));

      gtk_container_add (menu_ctnr, menu_item);

      TILE (this)->default_action = action;

      gtk_container_add (menu_ctnr, gtk_separator_menu_item_new ());

      markup = g_markup_printf_escaped (_("Remove from System Items"));
      action = tile_action_new (TILE (this), remove_trigger, markup, 0);
      actions [SYSTEM_TILE_ACTION_REMOVE] = action;
      g_free (markup);

      menu_item = GTK_WIDGET (tile_action_get_menu_item (action));

      gtk_container_add (menu_ctnr, menu_item);

      gtk_widget_show_all (GTK_WIDGET (TILE (this)->context_menu));

      update_user_list_menu_item (this);

      priv->desktop_item = desktop_item;
      priv->image_id = g_strdup (image_id);

      load_image (this);

      /* Set up the mnemonic for the tile */
      gtk_label_set_mnemonic_widget (GTK_LABEL (header), GTK_WIDGET (this));

      /* Set up the accessible name for the tile */
      accessible = gtk_widget_get_accessible (GTK_WIDGET (this));
      if (header_txt)
            atk_object_set_name (accessible, header_txt);

      g_free (header_txt);
      g_free (image_id);
      g_free (uri);

      return GTK_WIDGET (this);

static void
system_tile_class_init (SystemTileClass *this_class)
      GObjectClass   *g_obj_class  = G_OBJECT_CLASS   (this_class);
      GtkWidgetClass *widget_class = GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (this_class);

      g_obj_class->finalize = system_tile_finalize;

      widget_class->style_set = system_tile_style_set;

      g_type_class_add_private (this_class, sizeof (SystemTilePrivate));

static void
system_tile_init (SystemTile *this)
      SystemTilePrivate *priv = PRIVATE (this);

      priv->desktop_item    = NULL;
      priv->image_id        = NULL;
      priv->image_is_broken = TRUE;

      priv->agent            = NULL;
      priv->agent_status     = BOOKMARK_STORE_ABSENT;
      priv->notify_signal_id = 0;

static void
system_tile_finalize (GObject *g_obj)
        SystemTilePrivate *priv = PRIVATE (g_obj);

      g_free (priv->image_id);
      gnome_desktop_item_unref (priv->desktop_item);

      if (priv->notify_signal_id)
            g_signal_handler_disconnect (priv->agent, priv->notify_signal_id);

      G_OBJECT_CLASS (system_tile_parent_class)->finalize (g_obj);

static void
system_tile_style_set (GtkWidget *widget, GtkStyle *prev_style)
      load_image (SYSTEM_TILE (widget));

static void
load_image (SystemTile *this)
      SystemTilePrivate *priv = PRIVATE (this);

      GtkImage *image = GTK_IMAGE (NAMEPLATE_TILE (this)->image);

      g_object_set (G_OBJECT (image), "icon-size", GTK_ICON_SIZE_MENU, NULL);

      priv->image_is_broken = libslab_gtk_image_set_by_id (image, priv->image_id);

static GtkWidget *
create_header (const gchar *name)
      GtkWidget *header;

      header = gtk_label_new (name);
      gtk_label_set_use_underline (GTK_LABEL (header), TRUE);
      gtk_misc_set_alignment (GTK_MISC (header), 0.0, 0.5);

      return header;

static void
open_trigger (Tile *this, TileEvent *event, TileAction *action)
      open_desktop_item_exec (PRIVATE (this)->desktop_item);

static void
remove_trigger (Tile *this, TileEvent *event, TileAction *action)
      bookmark_agent_remove_item (PRIVATE (this)->agent, this->uri);

static void
update_user_list_menu_item (SystemTile *this)
      SystemTilePrivate *priv = PRIVATE (this);

      TileAction *action;
      GtkWidget  *item;

      action = TILE (this)->actions [SYSTEM_TILE_ACTION_REMOVE];

      if (! action)

      item = GTK_WIDGET (tile_action_get_menu_item (action));

      if (! GTK_IS_MENU_ITEM (item))

      g_object_get (G_OBJECT (priv->agent), BOOKMARK_AGENT_STORE_STATUS_PROP, & priv->agent_status, NULL);

      gtk_widget_set_sensitive (item, (priv->agent_status != BOOKMARK_STORE_DEFAULT_ONLY));

static void
agent_notify_cb (GObject *g_obj, GParamSpec *pspec, gpointer user_data)
      update_user_list_menu_item (SYSTEM_TILE (user_data));

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